The Deranged Rantings and Rambling Screeds of Myuphrid the Dracolupe

It's pronounced "mew-fridd", incidentally

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"Satisfaction abounds!"
I do so love receiving new toys!
Case in point: the Saboteur 66 Ultra-Wave Equaliser!! A deliciously weighty piece of kit. Some may say that I'm wasting my money on pointless plastic frippery, but I say "Pyow pyow! You're dead!".

The only problem is, with my other three guns, how do I maximise my firepower potential? I've already mastered triple-wielding... but I may have to work on quadruple-wielding...

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(Deleted comment)
"This is the best damn gun made by man. It has extreme sentimental value. It's miles more worthy'n what you got. I call it Vera."

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