The Deranged Rantings and Rambling Screeds of Myuphrid the Dracolupe

It's pronounced "mew-fridd", incidentally

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An increasingly inaccurately-named trio of silly limericks
An occasional fancy of mine,
Is the "AABBA" rhyme.*
So here's limericks three,
for you people to see.
...Perhaps I'll not bother next time.

There once was a Megalodon,
Whom lobsters would sit all upon.
When it all got too much,
He'd eat the whole cutch!
What an irritable Megalodon!


There was a young Jedi named Luke,
Who'd give far more than he tuke.
But Vader, the cad,
Said "I am your dad!"
Which upset that young Jedi named Luke.


An Irish poet named Roderick,
Spun rhymes that were oft quite maverick.
And so he went down,
To found a new town,
And he named his new city Galway.

*For the most part this pattern they fit,
But the third one? Why no, not a bit!
But there's a reason, you see,
In case you're angry,
And that is, "It's surrealism, damnit."


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