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"Timeline? This is no time to be arguing about time! We don't have the time! ... What was I saying?"
So, anyone who's followed my ever-uninteresting doings for a while is probably aware of Laszlo Hadron and the Wargod's Tomb, the space opera novel what I wrote. Those of you who have some inkling of my literary ambitions may well be aware that it's only one story in an intended series of books, only one chapter (or indeed ten) in the life and times of the eponymous dashing space rogue and his beautiful catgirl co-pirate. The thing is, considering the ideas I've got for other books in said series, it's not even the earliest of their adventures. In fact, the next such book I intend to write takes places two years earlier, in 3280.

Now, for the most part, I intend to let each story stand on its own barring overarching story arcs - there may be occasional references to other books in the series, but hopefully not to the point of confusing those who came in late. But the issue I face is one of chronology: do I release the books in strict order of time, or do I take a more relaxed approach to the timeline and release books in whatever order, possibly including an author's note to specifically distinguish when a book's events happen in the grand scheme of things?
This issue is quite pressing at this moment since I've already got one book more-or-less written, and it might take me quite a while to write another if I decide to withhold it. So what do you think?

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She's "blended", alright.

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