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It's pronounced "mew-fridd", incidentally

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"Can you hear me now? Good!"
It's surprising just how dreary and frustrating life can become when a major time-waster is unceremoniously stripped out.
Case in point: my music. The computer-enabled fluff with which I fill my days is enacted to a near-constant stream of the random tunes I've collected - everything from classical greats to video game soundtracks, rock, big band jazz, downloads from OCRemix, even isolated tracks from the likes of Cole Porter and Andy Williams. In short, my day-to-day life is conducted to its own little eclectic soundtrack.

Now, the thing about said soundtrack is that I like to listen to it through headphones, specifically the big, padded, cover-one's-ears variety. This is partly due to a personal, and quite possibly erroneous, theory regarding sound diffusion in minimal space (in short: speakers right next to ears = maximum sound funnelled into lugholes), but it's also due to my crippling shyness. The mere idea of assailing the nearby with my tastes in music seems loathsomely impolite to me. So you can likely imagine the sort of obstacle that would arise should my headphones have the misfortune to break.
Not being an engineer in any non-space-opera capacity, I couldn't tell you what caused the right speaker to cut out, but that's precisely what happened to my Sennheiser HD 201s. Needless to say, it was an absolute arse of a situation, and up until now my life has been drearily silent.

Still, Amazon came through for me by offering a set of Hama HK-3031s for the lovely price of £5. Better still, they delivered them before the estimated delivery date - good show there. So I'm with music once again! Huzzah!

Anyway, my dull tale of nothingness is done now. Thanks for listening.


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